Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laser Hockey DS Speaks

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Finally, we have sound in Laser Hockey! After three months of doing other stuff and one month of working we have uploaded the latest build. The game still needs tremendous polish but with sound in, it's finally starting to feel like a real game. All music and sound effects were created by a member of Moose-At-Play.

Build 0.6.0 Enhancements and Fixes

  • Original streaming music and sound effects for the title screen
  • Original streaming music and sound effects during game play
  • Hooking into Box2D's collision system to play sound effects during game play
  • Randomizing which neon sound gets played on each contact
  • [BUG] Cancel button on Host/Join screens never pops up
  • Removed paddle-neon collision from Box2D using ContactFilter, doing it manually with bounding box to avoid bouncing paddles
  • Moving your paddle into the goal area is no longer allowed by design, graphics to convey this will be added next month
  • Randomizing which wall sound gets played on each contact

You can download it by clicking this link: LHDS_2008_12_31.zip

The ZIP includes an emulator but it doesn't play the streamed music very well. You should play on real DS hardware. The ZIP no longer includes the DS.GBA version because, with the music, the game is now over 5 megs and I don't want to include two copies in the same package. If you really want a DS.GBA version, download the dsbuild tool.


Tyler said...

I am glad this game is getting worked on, because I think laser hockey works so well on the DS. Thanks you guys.

MrTyzik said...

We agree! We have a physics update done and ready to be released. After that, some graphics and UI work planned. Thanks a lot for the comment.