Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No wireless multiplayer

We had scheduled wireless multiplayer for the next release of Laser Hockey DS. In fact, our initial goal was to get multiplayer working as soon as possible and then work on other niceties such as graphics and physics. The reasoning is that we want to make sure our very base game engine is multiplayer-friendly before we add features. However, this goal is not possible with the current version of the homebrew WiFi library. If you have any time, money or expertise please give a hand to sgstair over at 1Emulation. His library is now included with DevKitPro. Click here to jump directly to the WiFi forum topic.

Since our goal is not possible, I guess we will have to do some work on other parts of the game first. A title screen may be in order.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Laser Hockey DS - November

We have published the November 30, 2007 release of Laser Hockey DS. You can download it from:

Release notes:

* Internal build: 0.1.6

The ball can now move between screens. There are actually two balls, one for each graphics engine. However, I am only checking the main ball (lower screen) for my crappy collision detection. The sprites in each screen will wrap and I am using this feature to draw the ball on the top screen when the position goes negative. The same goes for the top paddle so that I didn't have to rewrite my crappy physics methods at all. I force my paddle to be in negative world (yes, that was a Mario reference) so that my negative world ball will collide with it.

The ball can travel through the goal. I am keeping a score up to 9 but you can't see it yet.

Laser Hockey DS Nov

Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is the first post to our developer blog. Here, we will write about our homebrew and independent game development. Enjoy, and please leave comments!

- Moose At Play