Friday, November 30, 2007

Laser Hockey DS - November

We have published the November 30, 2007 release of Laser Hockey DS. You can download it from:

Release notes:

* Internal build: 0.1.6

The ball can now move between screens. There are actually two balls, one for each graphics engine. However, I am only checking the main ball (lower screen) for my crappy collision detection. The sprites in each screen will wrap and I am using this feature to draw the ball on the top screen when the position goes negative. The same goes for the top paddle so that I didn't have to rewrite my crappy physics methods at all. I force my paddle to be in negative world (yes, that was a Mario reference) so that my negative world ball will collide with it.

The ball can travel through the goal. I am keeping a score up to 9 but you can't see it yet.

Laser Hockey DS Nov

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