Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Twelfth Day of Homebrew

Moose-At-Play gave to me:

12 sound effects
11 missing pucks
10 megs to download
9 practice games
8 bug fixes
7 にほんごのもじ
6 days of notice
5 filler syllables
4 months of nothing
3 background musics
2 re-hashed screen shots
And a new game audio team member

Yes, there is some junk in that jingle but there are some hints and information too.

From the beginning of September through the end of November, I've mostly been working on a big project for work in my spare time. That and finishing Etrian Odyssey and Castlevania. This month, we will finally get a build out. The goal was background music and sound effects and we've already succeeded in getting a lot of it to work. Also, as the horrible song says, we do have a new team member creating the game audio and that's a great deal for you because the rest of us wouldn't have any clue.

The release is scheduled for December 31st. We the addition of audio, Laser Hockey DS finally has all the necessary components to be considered a real game. It needs loads of polish and features but in my mind it has made it to a very important milestone.

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