Saturday, May 31, 2008

Laser Hockey DS - May 2008

I have put the latest build of Laser Hockey DS online tonight. This version finally has a real physics engine courtesy of Box2D. Again, it looks identical to the last two builds but this one finally plays like a real game. Next month is all about the looks...gotta shrink those paddles.

Build 0.4.0

  • Using Box2D for physics, still needs a lot of tweaking and bug fixing; it took almost two months but it's a huge improvement
  • Re-initializing memory between screen changes to avoid a memory leak
  • Remove remnants of old placeholder engine
  • Using Box2D's body rotation for the sprite rotation
  • Player two takes control of physics updates when ball is in his or her court, a vast improvement in responsiveness of game play for player two
  • Select button now exits practice and multiplayer games

You can download it by clicking this link:

I am not going to provide any new screenshots as they are exactly the same.

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